After another epic week of climbing, the S. Anselm’s community of pupils, parents, alumni and staff are feeling on top of the world, having completed almost 41% of the challenge, 48,040 metres!  With our return to school this week, we expect the competition to really hot up between parents, alumni and staff even further, but pupils must remember that they can still include their evening and weekend activities!  

Accumulating 48,040 metres means that we have climbed Shishapangma (8027m), Gasherbrum II (8034m), Broad Peak (8047m), Gasherbrum I (8080m), Nanga Parbat (8125m), and K2 (8611m)! 

Our mission leaders in the Form and House competitions so far are as follows:


Form Competition

1st  Parents  12840 
2nd  8R  8458 
3rd  Alumni  5658 
4th  Staff  4567 
5th  7H  2155 

House Competition

1st  Pitts  17539 
2nd  Nelsons  7853 
3rd  Churchills  7839 
4th  Wellingtons  5360 


Good work everyone but keep it up.  Come on College, we need more entries! 

Remember to send your photos in to

The Challenge: full details

For those who haven’t got started yet, it’s not too late!


A good starting point is to watch this helpful explanatory video from Mr Simpson >>

To enter, you simply need access to a staircase to climb (many times), and/or a fitness device that can can track elevation/stairs climbed, every time your family go out for a walk or bicycle ride.

Let’s get cracking, there is no time to relax!

How to enter


To get started, please submit an Entry Form for each individual who is taking part in the challenge. E.g. Nigel Mansell, not the Mansell Family.  Simply click on the image opposite >>

You should enter the total elevation gained from your daily exercise, or stair/steps climb in metres (which makes it much easier for Mr Simpson to calculate).

If you are climbing steps/stairs, please only count the steps you go up – not those coming down – and then divide your total by four, which will give you an approximate figure in metres.

Don’t forget to send your photos in to


Good luck S. Anselm’s!