S. Anselm’s College is delighted for its Year 11 pupils who have achieved an excellent set of GCSE results. After a lot of hard work and dedication on behalf of the school’s resilient pupils, this year’s outstanding results have continued to build on the successes of previous years with a 100% pass rate including a staggering 56% of grades awarded at Level 8 and above; a huge achievement against the national average of 28.9%. In addition, 73% of all grades awarded at Level 7 and above and 46% of this talented group achieved at least four Level 9s across all subjects; the highest grade awarded at GCSE. These results truly reflect pupils’ continued focus and commitment to their studies during very challenging times.

This year, GCSEs were awarded following a very rigorous assessment procedure, which, as for the rest of the country, started in April 2021. This included considerable scrutiny by exam boards to ensure pupils received grades that accurately reflect their skills and ability.

Pupils will be going on to a broad range of onward destinations, including Birkdale School, Rugby School, St Mary’s College and d’Overbroeck’s in Oxford.

Head Teacher, Mr Frank Thompson said:

“I have huge respect for our College leavers this year. We cannot underestimate the disruption and uncertainty the last two years have caused for Year 11, yet this cohort knuckled down and continued to apply themselves right through two lockdowns and beyond. As a small school that prides itself on nurturing the individual through small class sizes and dedicated, bespoke teaching, we were able to ensure that every pupil has left S. Anselm’s College well prepared for the next stage of their journey.

“The majority of our pupils achieved at least one grade higher per subject on average than predicted by national standardisation and these achievements are all the more remarkable given that we are a non-selective school. I applaud the superb efforts of each and every one of our pupils, who have ensured that they got the very best out of their S. Anselm’s experience. We are all immensely proud of them.”

Head of College, Mr James Mortimer said:

“This year we celebrate fantastic results, as the College clearly goes from strength to strength. Throughout the pandemic, we continued to deliver a strong focus on making pupils A level ready by maximising the GCSE syllabus coverage across the curriculum. Learning did not stop over the lockdown periods and we continued to assess and monitor progress regularly throughout the period, via small group teaching, live lessons and extended one-to-one support. As a result, our pupils remained highly engaged with both the school and their studies, and the results clearly speak for themselves. I look forward to seeing Class of 2021 continue to succeed and flourish as they take their next steps beyond S. Anselm’s College.”

S. Anselm’s College accepts pupils from Year 9 and offers a range of GCSE subjects within a small class size setting. Please visit https://sanselms.co.uk/college/ or phone 01629 812734 to discover more.


Head Girl and aspiring vet, Emily, achieved an outstanding seven Level 9s and three Level 8s in her subjects and will be taking a place at St. Mary’s to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Having been at S. Anselm’s School since Year 8, Emily said:

“When I first joined, I initially found the work for the Common Entrance exams quite challenging, however in the end I did very well and saw them as a huge benefit in preparing me for my GCSEs. I’m particularly happy about achieving a 9 in Maths, as in my previous school I was in third set – so I’ve come a long way! I love the small class sizes and the community feel of the College. I’d advise anyone who is going to enrol here to make the most of your time and embrace every opportunity!” 

Head Boy, Alec, achieved ‘so much better’ than he expected with nine passes, including four Level 9s and 2 Level 8s. Alec was particularly proud of his science results, for which he was awarded top marks. Alec said:

“S. Anselm’s is more of a family than a school and the attention we received in class was very often on a 1:1 basis. Our year group got on with each other so well and I had great fun both learning and during additional activities such as the wonderful trips we went on. I’d say to anyone entering Year 9 that they should have a go at everything. For example, I really didn’t like History, and now I love it so much, I’m taking it at A Level!”

Alec will be attending Rugby School to study Economics, History and Geography.

Leah aspires to join the police force, and is very happy with her results, which have enabled her to take up a place at Bishop Burton to study a  Level 3 BTEC in Public Services. Leah described her time at S. Anselm’s as a ‘life-changing experience’ and went on to say:

“I’ve grown up a lot during the time I have been at the College, and the teachers here really respect you and treat pupils as equals. I’m particularly grateful to Mr Mace, Miss Howes and Mrs Bennion for supporting me and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the College.”

Izzy is delighted with her results, which include six Level 9s, one Level 8 and two Level 7s. Her next destination is d’Overbroek’s in Oxford to study Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Geography. Izzy has been at S. Anselm’s for eight years and particularly likes the structure of the school and College, the teacher/pupil dynamic, the small class sizes and the fun trips. When asked what advice she would give to future College pupils, Izzy said:

“Don’t hesitate, you’ll get the best grades you are capable of, you’ll experience a lot of fun things and you’ll make very good friends!”

Phoebe and Ella achieved some impressive grades between them. Ella joined S. Anselm’s in Year 10 and said she was made to feel very welcome and fitted into the College in no time. By contrast, Phoebe joined the school as a tiny Year 1 pupil and has loved her time from Pre-prep to Prep and through to College! Both have loved the close, friendly environment of the College and have enjoyed both the academic aspects and all the extras, including trips, clubs, sport, music and art. The girls advise new College pupils to work hard but to have fun!