Arkwright cultural trip to London

Mrs Whawell and Mr Mace were delighted to take our Year 11 students to London for a fabulous day out to enrich their studies and inspire their love of current affairs and British history.
The Imperial War Museum was their first stop and they enjoyed exploring the First World War galleries, to enhance knowledge of trench life, new 20th century technologies and battle tactics.  They reflected on the terrible toll of the war on the battle front and home fronts.  They then discovered a range of 2nd World War hardware before experiencing the Holocaust Memorial Gallery. This was a harrowing but highly informative display and the concluding section delivered a poignant message of hope and emphasised the need to always guard against bigotry in any form.
Next, it was into Westminster and the heart the British government.  Marvelling at the sights, including the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and Big Ben, everyone enjoyed navigating Whitehall and finding the entrance to the Churchill War Rooms.  Deep in the bowels of the bunker, it was fascinating to wander through the myriad of passages and secret rooms that Churchill and the War Cabinet inhabited at the height of the Blitz.  This provided the opportunity to see a range of communication systems and artifacts and imagine the hive of activity that took place dictating the positive outcome of the war for the allies.