Year 3 have loved their introduction to the next part of their Dawn of Time project. They were thrilled to meet Woolly the Rhino at Wirksworth Heritage Centre and were lucky enough to see the actual fossilised bones of a woolly rhinoceros, that were found in a local cave 200 years ago by William Buckland.  It was a ground-breaking discovery of a long extinct ice age mammal in our local area.  The bones have been preserved and stored in the Oxford University Museum of History all this time, however, for a short time only, the bones of Woolly have been allowed to return ‘home’.

After a fun craft activity the children spent their lunch break looking for a stone circle!  It wasn’t long until the magical and prehistoric Nine Ladies stone circle was found in a clearing.   Great fun was had ‘dancing’ around the stones, as the legend states, and we are pleased to report that no one was turned to stone – although, of course, it wasn’t a Sunday!