What a mesmerizing evening of entertainment and surprises! We were all blown away by the hard work, effort and commitment that the boarders put into the evening. All three judges arrived in style with Judge Smith giving straightforward advice and praise, Judge O’Neill crying at all the acts as she found them so moving and Judge Ravenhill just being himself.

All the performances whether magic, comedy, singing and acting were fantastic to watch however, a few did steal the show and took home the winning selection boxes. Morris rollerbladed to glory with jumps, spins and twirls, this was not only captivating to watch but demonstrated excellent skills and he did not trip once! We heard Alice, Niamh and Pearl singing harmoniously with a twist in the tale of last Christmas, who knew you could sell a heart on eBay! Nancy B performed the most beautiful piano solo gaining a standing ovation from the judges and audience. The guitar solo from Constantine had the audience on their feet, finishing by throwing his plectrum to the crowd! Finally, one of the winning acts was Michael and his glasses case face who had the crowd chanting his name for the whole evening.

Well done to everyone involved, it was a wonderful evening.