At the weekend, the boarders enjoyed a fun-packed and festive few days. 

With a new format, Boarders Got Talent was part of a welcome return to weekend boarding at S. Anselm’s along with an intense Mario Kart competition, a swimming session and of course, the much-anticipated feast and games.


Boarders Got Talent this year saw some amazing, varied performances from the pupils, most of which had been worked on for most of the term.

The highlights included Oscar C, putting himself in the spotlight and solving a Rubik’s cube in two minutes under pressure.

The Year 7 girls performed a self-composed and personal ode to S. Anselm’s and Maryna sang and played a beautiful Ukrainian carol on the piano.

This was followed by the feast and games, finishing off a fantastic weekend.

Many thanks to Mr Ravenhill for organising this and the staff for being good sports and taking part in the games!