Boarding overview

“The Sunday roast is a highlight at S. Anselm’s, served after Chapel every Sunday.  Parents and grandparents are invite and there’s always a relaxed atmosphere. 

“Mr Phillips regularly takes boarders for a round of golf or up to the theatre, rarely misses mealtimes and has been known to dress in a kilt and sporran and pipe in the Burns Night haggis”

Country Life ‘School Life’ article on ‘Homely Preps’, Autumn 2017

At S. Anselm’s, we have a very long tradition of boarding within the Prep School, enriching children’s school life with a wealth of opportunities and creating lasting memories of fun.

Full, weekly and flexi-boarding options are open to all children in the Prep School and can be tailored to the needs of individual families. For busy, working parents, it can sometimes be difficult to keep children engaged and stimulated at home or ensure they have the time to interact with their friends.  S. Anselm’s can provide that enrichment and support, as well as preparing children to achieve their potential academically.  With the myriad of exciting boarding activities on offer, our daily or weekly boarders often ask their parents to board more as they feel they are missing out.

The boarding houses form the very heart of the school, with nine residential members of staff including our Headmaster and his wife who are highly involved in our programme of evening and weekend activities and form close bonds with all of our children.  Today’s boarding is comfortable, caring, and full of fun.  We take great pride in the quality of our care given to all of our boarders, nurturing the valuable skills required for living in a community, such as participation and tolerance.

We have a strong sense of family and community at S. Anselm’s and parents are very much involved in their children’s experience.  We warmly welcome parents and families at our matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the many concerts and academic presentations that take place throughout each term.

Boarders attend the evening service in Bakewell Parish church every Sunday to which parents – and indeed all families – are warmly welcome. Boarding parents often join us afterwards for our renowned full Sunday roast supper – served with all the trimmings.

On weekday evenings there are a range of extras clubs, from cricket nets to swim club and gymnastics. Once boarders have done their prep and completed their music practise then there are always fun and engaging activities on offer – from more energetic pursuits such as dodgeball in our fabulous sports hall to more leisurely free swimming, pottery or board games.

We listen very carefully to what our children are saying to us, and if we feel that we can offer an activity they request, we will. Bakewell is in a super location, with lots happening in the town and surrounding villages all of the time, so if we get the opportunity to get the children out of school, whether it be to the theatre, Christmas markets, the Chatsworth Horse Trials or to watch a premiership football match, then we will take them, and never an outing goes by without hot chocolates all round!

Boarding at S. Anselm’s is a fabulous experience and gives children a childhood that is rich in opportunities, friendships and excitement. The children learn precious skills that will serve them throughout their lives and they leave as well rounded individuals who are well prepared for life beyond the school.

Put quite simply, boarding life at S. Anselm’s rivals that offered by any boarding school in the country.