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Boarding overview

At S. Anselm’s, we have a very long tradition of boarding, enriching children’s school life with a wealth of opportunities and creating lasting memories of fun.

Flexi, weekly and full boarding options are open to all children in the Prep School and can be tailored to the needs of individual families.

For busy, working parents, it can sometimes be difficult to keep children engaged and stimulated at home, to ensure they have the time to interact with their friends whilst also applying themselves in a focused way to their homework.  S. Anselm’s can provide that enrichment through a myriad of exciting boarding activities, as well as providing a consistent daily routine within which they acquire study habits that will serve them well throughout life and enable them to achieve their potential academically.

Our boarding houses form the very heart of the school, offering a comfortable home from home with bright, cosy dorms, nestled within the eaves of our main school buildings.  Girls and boys occupy different areas within the boarding houses and have their own dedicated Evening Matrons.  There is a wonderful atmosphere of fun and companionship.

S. Anselm’s offers a school-life choice like no other, enhanced by the scenic beauty and abundant recreational opportunities within the surrounding Peak District, of which our boarding activities take full advantage.  Our nine residential members of staff form close bonds with all of our children and organise our dynamic programme of evening and weekend activities, appropriate to boarders of different ages.

We take great pride in the quality of the care we give to all of our boarders, nurturing the valuable life-skills that are so important when living in a close-knit community, such as communication, participation, empathy and tolerance.

Boarding at S. Anselm’s is a wonderfully enriching experience, enabling our boarders to make the very most of their school-life, develop lifelong friendships and happy memories!

We have a strong sense of family and community at S. Anselm’s and parents are very much involved in their children’s experience.  We warmly welcome parents and families at our matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the many concerts and academic presentations that take place throughout each term.

On weekday evenings there are a range of After School Clubs, ranging from Swim Club, Sailing and Gymnastics to Mandarin, History Film Society, Den Building, Rock Band or Cookery.  The programme of clubs changes on a termly of basis to reflect seasonal opportunities and maximise variety.  Typically there is a choice of between 3-4 clubs every evening of the week.  We listen very carefully to what our children are saying to us, and if we feel that we can offer an activity they request, we will.

Prep is completed in the school Dining Room and music practice in the practice rooms, usually before supper (depending on the timing of the clubs or activities each child has chosen).  Whilst we encourage children to complete their Prep independently, teaching staff are on hand to assist children if required.

Weekend activities are as varied as evening activities, and wherever possible we aim to take the children out and about, whether it be to watch a match at Twickenham, visit the Horse Trials at Chatsworth, see an exhibition, try ice skating or go-karting, go shopping in the Christmas Markets in Manchester or simply enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning walk in the local Peak District countryside.

At the end of each evening, our Evening Matrons take over supervision of the bedtime routine, with stories, wind down time, hot chocolate and toast, to ensure everyone settles down to a good night’s sleep.

Well loved traditions live on at S. Anselm’s, whether it’s the weekly dorm raids, debating evenings, seizing opportunities for snowballing, sledging and building igloos or the famous school institutions of Bonfire Night, the Christmas Boarders’ Feast, Pancake Races and a more recent addition to the calendar: Boarders’ Got Talent!

Boarding at S. Anselm’s is a fabulous experience and gives children a childhood that is rich in opportunities, friendships and excitement.  The children learn precious skills that will serve them throughout their lives and they leave us as well rounded individuals who are well prepared for life beyond the school.

The school reviews Fees annually but they are subject to change at a term’s notice.