On Friday, the Penrose and Thorpe Family Farms once again became the centre of excitement as students from Year 3 to Year 8 gathered for the annual Hill Run at S. Anselm’s prep school. The event required meticulous planning to ensure the safe transportation of all pupils and staff to the venue, allowing them to change and have lunch before commencing the run at 2 pm. The S. Anselm’s staff worked together seamlessly, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of the event. Ground and kitchen staff played crucial roles in setting up the course and providing refreshments, while the teaching staff fulfilled various responsibilities, including marshalling, providing support, managing the finish line, recording results, and calculating scores. Special recognition goes to Mrs. Seddon for her first aid support and timekeeping, and Mrs. Schaper for capturing memorable moments (all of which can be found on our Facebook here) through her photography. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all the staff involved in making the Hill Run a success.

The support from attendees was overwhelming, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who came to cheer on the runners. Despite the sharp wind, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and enjoyment. The Brailich Hill Run is an extraordinary event that few schools would even consider organizing for their pupils. However, at S. Anselm’s, we believe in fostering character, determination, and resilience among our students, which was evident as they conquered the challenging 2.8-kilometre steep course. Their accomplishments on the course provided ample reason for the supporters to cheer with delight. Upon reaching the top, the runners were rewarded with spectacular views, although some areas were veiled in a slight mist. The finish line was abuzz with an electric atmosphere, encapsulating the spirit of the event. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr Penrose and Mr Thorpe for graciously allowing us to traverse their land and experience such breathtaking scenery. The Hill Run is a testament to the unique and special nature of S. Anselm’s, and we thank everyone involved for creating a truly memorable afternoon.

We would like to congratulate Oscar for achieving the title of the overall fastest runner. His name will be added to the Brailich Hill Run board in the Dining Hall, forever commemorating his remarkable achievement. Below are the top three winners in each event and the houses that emerged victorious in each category:


Juniors (Years 3 and 4):

Girls – 1st – Nancy DW (Pitts); 2nd – Megan P (Churchills); 3rd – Aubrey H (Nelsons)

Boys – 1st – Vesey M (Wellingtons); 2nd – Lewis C (Pitts); 3rd – Toby M (Nelsons)


Middles (Years 5 and 6):

Girls – 1st – Elsa S (Pitts); 2nd – Rita C (Wellingtons); 3rd – Nancy B (Churchills) Boys – 1st – Oliver W (Wellingtons); 2nd – Caleb KL (Wellingtons); 3rd – Lawrence O (Pitts)


Seniors (Years 7 and 8):

Girls – 1st– Elspeth DW (Pitts); 2nd– Grace N (Nelsons); 3rd– Elizabeth P (Pitts)

Boys – 1st – Oscar C (Pitts); 2nd – Edward J (Churchills); 3rd – Arthur H (Pitts)


Girls’ Results: 1st place – Churchills, 2nd place – Pitts, 3rd place – Nelsons, 4th place – Wellingtons
Boys’ results: 1st place – Pitts, 2nd place – Wellingtons, 3rd place – Nelsons, 4th place – Churchills


Combined Results (with overall house mean score): 1st place – Pitts (7); 2nd place – Churchills (8.1); 3rd place – Nelsons (9.4); 4th place – Wellingtons (9.7).


The Brailich Hill Run 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the indomitable spirit and sporting prowess of our students. S. Anselm’s takes immense pride in organizing such events that foster camaraderie, resilience, and a sense of achievement among our pupils. We look forward to future editions of the Hill Run, where new records will be set, memories will be made, and the S. Anselm’s community will continue to thrive.