Last week our pupils took part in their first Cross Country run of the Lent Term, known as the ‘Out and Back’. This particular run starts at the footpath near to the boarding house.  It follows the footpath until it crosses the Stanedge Road.

Once the pupils have navigated the road crossing they then head downhill before heading down and then up the notorious ‘mountain’.  Some pupils take great care in descending, others decide the best approach is to attack with gusto and descend at speed into the valley before climbing back to the top on the other side.  Pupils are sure that this valley and mountain has its own weather system and on this occasion the temperature dropped about 10 degrees inside the valley.  Once they make it to the top the then make the final descent towards ‘the bog’.  It has been known that many pupils have lost their shoes in the bog, and it has also been known that many teachers have lost their footing and ended up face first into the mud (on this occasion it was Mr Simpson!).  Our pupils were lucky this year – apart one from one pupil frantically looking, elbow deep, for their trainer in one part of the bog to then be told it was about three feet further away from them.  Pupils touch the wall, brave the bog again, and then return back the way they came.

Our pupils have such spirit and determination in completing their run. Some even ventured out and back twice, earning more House Points for their House.  The run isn’t about pupils winning, it’s about them taking part, embracing the great outdoors and having fun.

Congratulations everyone!

Prep School Results:

First place – Churchills,
Second place – Wellingtons
Third place – Pitts
Fourth place – Nelsons

And they’re off!