The children in Years 1 and 2 (Pre-Prep), have been incubating eggs for the past three weeks as part of their science lessons.  They have carefully turned them three times every day, kept up the humidity and heat, and waited, with baited breath …
On Monday morning, small cheeping sounds could be heard coming from the incubator, but on closer inspection, there were no chicks yet, but lots of activity within the eggs.  Then over the course of the day, three of the chicks hatched!  It was quite nerve wracking to see what hard work it is for the little creatures to break through their eggshells and free themselves.  The chicks have since spent a cosy night in their brooder, where there is a heat plate, food, and water.
The eggs, which have been provided by Mrs Farrell and one of the pupils, are a mixture of pure breeds: Warrens, Heritage Skylines (now exclusive to Derbyshire), Maran and Cream Legbars (with blue eggs).
We will keep you updated as further new hatchlings arrive.  There could be as many as ten more potential new arrivals.
The first newly hatched chicks
Three one day old chicks in the brooder