There was high excitement as the Year 3 children embarked on their much anticipated trip to Creswell Crags.

Their first activity involved the children working in groups to track different animal prints that were located around a field. We then moved on to spear throwing which saw most children victorious in their mission to spear a reindeer (a cardboard cutting!) in order to feed the rest of the tribe. The reindeer had to be “cooked” so learning how to make a fire was everyone’s next experience.

A trip to the museum to look at the many Stone Age artefacts that had been found at Creswell Crags put everyone in the mood to become archaeologists who had to sift through boxes of sand in order to find bone, pottery and other materials from this time.

The highlight of the day for most, however, was the afternoon visit to Robin Hood’s cave to explore Stone Age tools and what life might have been like living in a cave. In order to experience just how dark the cave was, everyone turned off their head lamps – but were quick to turn them back on again!

A super day was had by all and it has certainly given the children many ideas for our own “S. Anselm’s in the Stone Age.”