College Debating Evening

Mr Mortimer and Mr Mace were royally entertained by a lovely group of debaters on Thursday evening.
First up were Ruby, Annabelle and Molly who argued that “dads are better than mums!”.  They argued that dispassionate dads were a vital practical support but mothers could be “overly invested”!  However, Kai, Abi and Henry triumphed, having armed themselves with detailed statistics that emphasised the critical role mothers play in nurturing young lives.
Then Mr Mace was put to the sword by Emma.  He had stepped in to cover absent pupils and argue that coding was better than art but his woeful performance was no match for Emma’s carefully constructed defence of art.  She argued that it was art that made us human and thus was a fundamental cornerstone of civilisation.  Without art, she insisted, life has no meaning.
Finally, Christian took on Aidan and Goodluck.  Christian carefully crafted an argument supporting Britain’s withdrawal from Hong Kong in 1997.  Goodluck and Aidan argued well but could not match Christian’s considered and focused presentation.
Chocolate prizes were awarded at the end of a fun evening and Henry and Emma earned their debating badges.
Our thanks go to Mr Mortimer who was a superb judge and gave the teams really valuable feedback.  Thanks too go to Karen and Cheryl in the kitchen who provided a lovely meal.
Well done everyone!