We were delighted to be able to hold our first College Debating Society evening since the lockdown and it was an enormous pleasure to be entertained by the charismatic students of Kinder (Year 9) and Derwent (Year 10). 
The first motion was based on the premise that there is no point in travelling to see the world because we can see it all on the TV or on the Internet.  Kai, Henry and Sam fought valiantly to support this view, raising a range of issues, but particularly focusing on the environmental impact of travel.  However, it was Molly, Annabelle and Ruby who carried the motion, having convinced the judge that the wonder of travel and its educational and cultural value should not be underestimated.  This is something that lockdown has made all too clear in recent months.  Nothing can beat a good holiday, they argued! 
The next motion focused on Artificial Intelligence and Hugo, Will and Marlow proposed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a clear and real threat to humanity.  They spun clever and persuasive arguments and made it clear that the inbuilt logic of AI will surely mean that sophisticated AI will do anything to ensure its own survival, and that this fundamental fact could endanger humanity.  Tom and Isabell countered well, and effectively pointed out all the advantages of AI.  However, the propositions’ rebuttal was just too strong, and Tom and Isabelle had to concede, despite their super efforts. 
It was a fun evening and the students learnt so much whilst enjoying themselves too.
Our thanks go to Mr Mortimer who judged the competition and gave valuable feedback to the students.  All contestants left with some chocolate prizes of course!