Geographers in Kinder (Year 9) visited Sheffield before half term to consider if shopping is the only option for the city centre. After learning about urban geography in class, the students developed their own key questions to investigate and then went on to design a number of surveys. This is integral to the GCSE practical component whereby students are tested about their fieldwork experiences including sampling techniques, data display and analysis and a renewed focus on reliability, all tested in a written paper.

The students were well behaved and stayed on task throughout. They analysed and compared the Peace Gardens, the Winter Gardens and the Millennium Galleries, conducting questionnaires, environmental quality surveys, traffic and pedestrian counts and taking decibel readings. We will now be writing up findings in class and manipulating the data in ICT and Math practical sessions, as well as in Geography lessons. Once these projects are completed the Kinder students will undertake an assessment which tests these skills.