“Why does the quality of life and life expectancy vary between the different wards of Sheffield?”, was the question posed by the our College geographers in Arkwright (Year 11) last week.  To answer this interesting question, students considered how the residential housing, amenity and environmental quality varies in three contrasting wards in Sheffield.

The group visited Gleadless, followed by Burngreave and finally, Fulwood. The students also conducted questionnaires in each area, as well as filling in a number of surveys. This information is required by the Edexcel examination board and it serves two important criteria: providing a case study for the students to analyse in Paper 3 (the Practical Geography Paper), as well as deepening their knowledge and understanding about Sheffield, which is important for Paper 2 which explores Human Geography.

All the students were impeccably behaved throughout the field trip and they were able to collect reliable primary data which they will be comparing with Census, crime and health statistics back in the classroom.