On Friday 27th November, students in Arkwright (Year 11) took part in a virtual financial awareness course, held over Microsoft Teams. This session was kindly put on by Camilla and Lizzie from Rathbone Bros Plc.  As a leading expert in personalised investment and wealth management, Rathbones are well placed to promote financial awareness and give advice on how our students can best prepare for their financial future.

The two hour seminar, interspersed with questions and discussion points, covered many aspects of financial independence. To start, the ‘financing your life’ section covered how to manage and balance your income and expenditure, including the expected costs relating to buying property, having children and growing a pension. The next section covered how to save, how banks work (including interest on loans and savings) and what inflation is. Through real examples, the students could clearly see the powerful effect that compound interest has when investing over many years. As well as this, mortgages were discussed, including loan-to-value figures and interest rates. Finally, there was information and advice about working in the financial sector, including how to have an effective CV and the key skills and character traits that employers look for in applicants.

Our Arkwright students found the session extremely useful and informative and Camilla and Lizzie did a great job in making the session engaging and relatable. Students asked some very pertinent questions and were able to effectively give their opinions and answers to the discussion points.

Many thanks go out to Camilla, Lizzie and Rathbones for organising this excellent enrichment for our College pupils.