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Careers Insight Programme

Helping students look to the future and make informed choices about life and careers beyond S. Anselm’s is a very important aspect of the College’s education programme. The College years (age 13 to 16) are a critical time for students to explore their career options and preferences, so they can choose the best combination of A level subjects for them and the most advantageous institution at which to study them.

S. Anselm’s College builds extensive links with businesses, parents and alumni to enrich opportunities for our students and to underpin its varied Careers Insight Programme which offers a mix of careers talks, workshops and visits each term.  Just as in our academic subjects, we believe there is no substitute for students having the opportunity to meet and work with people working in different occupations or to visit places of work themselves.  Wherever possible, careers activities are also organised to coincide with and consolidate learning as part of the core curriculum.

Recent careers insight activities have included:

  • Medical Mavericks workshop
  • Visit to the David Nieper Factory
  • Talk from an accountant
  • Visit to a livestock farm
  • Architecture lecture and workshop
  • Talk from a barrister
  • Visit to the Royal Derby Hospital.


In Arkwright (Year 11), students complete the comprehensive Morrisby Profile career-matching tool to help distill their strengths, ambitions and goals.  This is accompanied by one-to-one discussions with tutors and senior staff.

It is particularly advantageous in S. Anselm’s College, that our small form groups and class sizes enable teachers to develop an exceptionally close knowledge and understanding of each of our students, such that their guidance, mentoring and encouragement can be as tailored as possible.  Equally, our Head of College, Headteacher and departmental heads maintain close connections with Sixth Forms in both Public/Independent and state schools, locally and nationally, as well as UTCs and Apprenticeship-Degree schemes, so they can advise on the different options and best educational destinations for our students.

Our focus is firmly on preparing each of our students to take the ideal next step in their education for their career aspirations.  We encourage students to be proactive in researching and selecting the post-16 destination that enables them to most effectively  advance towards their career goals.  We believe this is very important, as depending on whether a student aspires to study veterinary science at Oxford or Cambridge, is considering a career in farming or land management or perhaps has a passion for innovation and engineering, making an informed choice about where to study next can be incredibly beneficial to their future.