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Careers Insight Programme

Helping pupils look to the future and make informed choices about life and careers beyond S. Anselm’s is a very important aspect of the College’s education programme. The College years (age 13 to 16) are a critical time for pupils to explore their career options and preferences, so they can choose the best combination of A level subjects for them and the most advantageous institution at which to study them.

S. Anselm’s College builds extensive links with businesses, parents and alumni to enrich opportunities for pupils and to underpin its varied Careers Insight Programme which offers pupils a mix of careers talks, workshops and visits each term. Just as in our academic subjects, we believe there is no substitute for pupils having the opportunity to meet and work with people working in different occupations or to visit places of work themselves. Wherever possible careers activities are also organised to coincide with and consolidate learning as part of the core curriculum.

A sample of recent activities includes:

  • Medical Mavericks workshop
  • Visit to the David Nieper Factory
  • Talk from an accountant
  • Visit to a livestock farm
  • Architecture lecture and workshop
  • Talk from a barrister
  • Visit to the Royal Derby Hospital

Our teachers’ individual knowledge and understanding of each pupil means they can offer personalised advice, guidance, mentoring and encouragement. Our Headmaster and Head of College also have extensive knowledge and connections with Sixth Form institutions locally and nationally and are always happy to meet with pupils and parents to discuss and provide support in their next steps.