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Art & Textiles

Art and design has a vibrant and valuable place in the life of S. Anselm’s College. If you enjoy being creative, want to increase your practical skills and improve your analytical, communication and research abilities, art and design is a great choice.  Art and design is a way of seeing things and making sense of the world around you.  The skills developed complement many other subjects and can help with further study as students prepare for the world of work.

S. Anselm’s Art Department offers two GCSE options for students interested in the fields of art and design:

GCSE Fine Art

Fine Art focuses on drawing, painting, photography, printmaking sculpture/ceramics and mixed media.

GCSE Textile Design

Textile Design focuses on art textiles, fashion design and illustration, and costume design.


In both subjects, students develop a portfolio, which accounts for 60% of their GCSE grade.  The portfolio will include a sustained project showing the journey from initial engagement to the realisations of the student’s intentions. Work from shorter projects and workshop pieces, will also form part of the portfolio. The remaining 40% of the grade comes from an externally set assignment, which pupils complete towards the end of their course.  For this, students develop their work in a preparatory period, which concludes with a 10 hour supervised time in which students create a personal response.

In both Fine Art and Textile Design, first hand engagement with ideas and themes, which are of personal interest to the individual student are encouraged.  Engagement with sources and experience of a variety of learning experiences and approaches allows students to develop the skills to explore, create and communicate their own ideas.

The first term of Year 10, in both subjects, involves students learning and developing new skills and techniques, in teacher led workshops.  As they progress through Year 10 and into Year 11, students are encouraged to develop their own strengths and interests in the subject, and increasingly follow their own lines of enquiry.

Students will learn how to realise their personal intentions through sustained application of the creative process.

Regular visits to galleries and museums are arranged as well as workshops with specialist artists to enable pupils to engage directly with original work and practice.

Pupils’ work is exhibited around the school as well as being featured within S. Anselm’s College’s Art Evenings.

Click on the two galleries below to scroll through examples of our GCSE students’ artwork and some of their visits over recent years.