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Art & Textiles

Art and design has a vibrant and valuable place in the life of S. Anselm’s College. Its study enables pupils to understand the language of aesthetics, allowing us to create and evaluate our own work and relate this to the work of other artists and cultures, both contemporary and historical.

Pupils explore a wide range of ideas and media, learn about artists, designers and movements and develop their practical skills and technical vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on learning new artistic techniques and we encourage a considered personal response to topics or a particular design brief.  Pupils are encouraged to work from first hand resources and to gain inspiration by studying the work of artists and looking at artefacts from different periods and cultures.

In Year 9 pupils gain experience of working in both the Fine Art and Textiles disciplines, which are later offered as GCSE options.

In Fine Art, pupils experience ways of working which include painting, drawing, photography, ICT and sculpture. In Textiles, pupils experience printing onto fabric, hand and machine embroidery techniques, batik and dyeing methods.

Regular visits to galleries and museums are arranged as well as workshops with specialist artists to enable pupils to engage directly with original work and practice.

Pupils’ work is exhibited around the school as well as during the College’s Art Evenings.