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Sports & Activities

Sport and fitness for life, is very much the motto of sports in S. Anselm’s College. Throughout pupils’ time in College, they are involved in a programme of general fitness and engage in a selection of individual and team sports designed to establish lifelong good habits, build fitness and stamina and inspire long lasting sporting interests.

All College students participate in weekly fitness training that includes cardiovascular exercise and athletic capacity and conditioning, which is proven to improve cognitive and physical ability as well as personal motivation.

Activity sessions offer both individual and team sports on a seasonal basis:

Individual sports:            tennis, golf, swimming, scuba diving, athletics
Outdoor pursuits:           sailing, cross country, fell running, scrambling, walking and navigation
Team sports:                   cricket, hockey, netball

S. Anselm’s College is fortunate in its access to a wide range of outstanding sporting facilities on site including a 20 metre indoor swimming pool, and sports hall, full sized all weather Astro Turf pitch, four hard surface courts, a magnificent sports field with four full sized pitches and three sports pavilions.  We also take full advantage of our rural setting in the surroundings Peak District countryside for outdoor pursuits and team building activities.

Our Sports Department includes four full time highly skilled staff and nine part time specialist coaches including national hockey players, championship swimmers and elite athletes. Ensuring that our pupils receive the best tuition and facilities available, sailing is offered in partnership with Carsington Sailing Club, tennis training in partnership with Abbeydale Tennis Club and golf with Matlock Golf Club.

The Sports Department organises a dynamic programme of events throughout the year, including a College Sports Day, Pentathlon, College Hill Run in Edale, Swimming Gala and tournaments.

PE is offered as an optional GCSE.  Further details are available here.