S. Anselm’s is now operating online as a virtual school

as part of the national effort to help manage the spread of the Coronavirus

On Monday 23rd March, S. Anselm’s moved all our teaching online such that our children’s lessons and education can continue throughout the Coronavirus crisis.  All our teachers and children are prepared for this transition and guidance and details of our educational, pastoral and support plans are available in our parents’ portal.
Children will register at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions with their form tutor and teachers will be available during their usual lesson slots to support children through their set assignments within the ‘Show My Homework’ technology.  After Easter ‘live’ online lessons will take place, such that we maintain ‘school as usual’, as far as is feasible.
We wish everyone all the best in these challenging times and will remain in regular contact with our S. Anselm’s community and offer all the support we can.
Frank Thompson