On Monday 2nd March S. Anselm’s held the second Prep School Debating Society Competition of the year.  After completing their preparation, the pupils had a fabulous supper of gammon steak and S. Anselm’s Mess, washed down with lemonade.   Everyone then moved through to the library where they were joined by our Headteacher, Mr Thompson.

Some excellent presentations were delivered and the children should be proud of all they achieved.

Issues debated ranged from the rights and wrongs of the killing of Qasem Soleimani to whether animals should be used in circuses. The pupils performed well, using high level vocabulary and thinking increasingly well on their feet. Most had completed excellent research and delivered organised and coherent arguments. Mr Thompson and Mr Mace were keen to move the pupils away from their prepared scripts and encourage them to lift their heads more and to engage the audience. The children responded well to this advice. The evening was good fun and the children are developing their skills all the time.  

Congratulations to the winners and the runners up who received well deserved prizes.  Mr Mace was pleased to issue more Debating Society badges to those pupils who have completed three evening debates.  Lastly, Sophie was awarded the post of Debating Society Captain, taking up the reigns from Ben’s excellent captaincy over the last year.

Next term we have a House Debating competition and the standard is certainly set to be high.