On Thursday 23rd September our Year 4 children headed for the Dewa Roman Experience Centre in Chester to learn all about life in Roman times!

On arrival at the centre, the children were transformed into Romans, first rowing from Gaul to Britannia and upon hitting land, joining with the Roman Army to begin their 25 year service!

The children learned about the food eaten by the Romans, their living quarters, weapons, baths and most importantly, what a sponge on a stick was used for!  After much laughter, everyone moved onto hearing all about what tools the doctor would use to heal the sick.  There were certainly some very gruesome tales!

After lunch the children picked up their shields and headed out onto the streets of Chester – skilfully guided by a Roman Centurian who led the expedition through the streets.  The children chanted “Sin, Sin, Sin, Dex, Sin,” and followed closely in formation.

The children were taught how to use their shields to protect each other from falling arrows – or in this case, foam woggles – and how to march in unison.

The last stop of the day was to a Roman Amphitheatre where the children witnessed Miss Rycroft and Mrs Buswell fight to the death – foam woggles coming in handy here too!

The children had a wonderful day and chatted in the minibus all the way back to school about their experiences.