‘Disguised by the night’ was the eerie and foreboding set title given to our English pupils in Kinder (Year 9) for their Creative Writing Competition, and their submissions did not disappoint!

We are pleased to announce the prize positions as follows and you can read extracts of the students’ work below:

Gold – William

Silver – Orly

Bronze – Martha


His lack of fear began to dissipate as he slowly got the feeling that, the further down the road he went, the more twisted the land became. The trees lining the road went from green to black, leafless and decrepit, as though a great fire had scoured the land. The corn was changing, too; no longer yellowish, it was now black and rotten too. The scarecrows in the empty fields kept watching him, but now they seemed fully alive, and they moved with the wind as it whispered words of madness in his ears. Don’t be ridiculous, he chided himself. Just keep walking, and tone down your imagination.

By William


Exhausted, after a night of cursed killing the Night Marauder glided towards a remote stone cottage on the woodland edge. The moon was slowly rising, like a face watching over the uncertain scene. Although it wasn’t too dark, the night seemed to swallow her figure. She could sense the biting cold of the winter sky on her exposed skin but was focused on the warm welcome awaiting her.

By Orly


“It had been five hours and the smog had not lifted. Everything was covered over with a haze so that there was not a thing you could see clearly. It was as if someone had placed a veil over the world, or a shroud – everything was dead silent.”

By Martha