Congratulations to Emelia in Year 7 who has achieved her S. Anselm’s Platinum Reading Award.
The S. Anselm’s Platinum Reading Award is only awarded to our most avid and ambitious readers, who have already completed their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. It requires pupils to read six new books, four of which must be on the specific Platinum Award reading list.  They must then review at least one book from this list and have an interview with their English teacher, who will ask questions about the book and how it may have changed their view of the world
Mr Mace, Head of English explains: “Emelia is only the second student to have won this award this academic year.  The challenge is weighty and can only be attempted after achieving the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  We are very proud of her and I know that many others will follow her lead across the year.  With lockdown restricting our movements, what better time to choose a book and start an inspirational journey of our own?!”
Emelia says, “I am happy to have completed my Platinum Award and am in the process of making a book of book reviews.  From the award reading list I have read: ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Watership Down’, ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘The Book Thief’.  From other books on my bookshelf that I got for Christmas, I have read ‘The Girl With The Shark’s Tooth’ and ‘The Dark Is Rising’.  I have just read ‘Pig-Heart Boy’ as well, which was really good!”