Aliens, energy and supermarkets were the hot topics as we warmly welcomed some new faces to the first evening Prep Debating Society competition this academic year.

It was not the first time that two teams had debated the existence of aliens and both sides managed to deliver persuasive speeches. Aminta D and Eloise P spoke with great skill, despite the fact that they were debutantes. However, it was Tristan H and Harry W who won by a whisker, thanks to their ability to think on their toes after some tough questioning by the judge.

We then conducted a complex debate regarding the transition of fossil fuel energy plants to green energy. Oscar C and Max G produced a compelling argument to suggest that this transition should be done in a year due to the urgency of the crisis. Edward J and George T countered, outlining how potentially catastrophic such a rapid change might be and they questioned where the money for such a rapid move might come from. A couple of these speakers were extremely well prepared and had detailed notes on the facts and figures behind such a change. In the end, Oscar C and Max G carried the motion so COP26 would do well to establish some more imminent deadlines!

Lastly, a fascinating motion was put forward regarding the Aldi and Co-Op supermarket chains. The pupils were questioning which chain was “better”. They addressed the treatment of workers, the cost of goods, the customer experience, the attitude of the chains to cruelty free products as well as the environment. A super debate ensued, and Corina J battled brilliantly as a lone voice for Aldi. In the end Bronwen G and Tilly M carried the motion with some well-constructed and clinical argument but Corina deserves special mention for being a new face at the club and yet debating with clarity and zeal despite being on her own.

We must praise Harry W who won his debating badge as this was his third evening of debating. We would also like to congratulate Bronwen G who debated with great skill and thus thoroughly deserves her captaincy of the Debating Society.

None of this would have gone so well without the slap-up meal provide by the kitchen staff so we must thank them. Perhaps most importantly, we would like to thank Mr Asher who judged the competition. His sage words of advice and feedback will ensure these debaters only improve. After the chocolate prizes were given out, we can safely say that this was a productive, important and fun evening for all those involved.


We will have another next term!