Ethos & Aims

Esse Quam Videri

To be, rather than to seem to be

At S. Anselm’s our combination of tradition and informality engender a sense of partnership between teacher and pupil.  We share the excitement of education and discovery, encouraging method and perseverance so that children experience the satisfaction of taking responsibility for their learning and for their achievements.

S. Anselm’s School aims:

  • to encourage individuality, creativity, perseverance and tolerance
  • to develop inquisitive thinking, with a love of learning where independent thought is celebrated
  • to foster in every child, a clear understanding of themselves and what they can contribute to society
  • to help pupils recognise strengths in others and to understand how they are different. Anselmians will be encouraged to discover more for themselves
  • to instil in Anselmians the value, moral courage and inner strength to connect effectively with the modern world, not merely to succeed but to make things better for those around them
  • to help foster in pupils, former pupils, parents and staff, pride in the S. Anselm’s community and for them to feel valued and nourished by the community.