Our visit to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park 

In a blend of art, imagination, and creativity, the pupils of Year 7 embarked on an inspiring journey through the world of sculpture. Guided by the artist and sculptor, Sarah, the pupils had the opportunity to explore the park and appreciate the sculptures. Inspired by what they had seen, pupils then created their own sculptures. Throughout the day, their enthusiasm and thoughtful engagement was clear to see, and this fed their ideas when it came to developing their own sculptural pieces. 

 The day commenced with Sarah leading the students through the expansive park, where they encountered sculptures by renowned artists. From the work of David Nash who has created pieces in response to the environment -to the vibrant and whimsical works of Niki de Saint Phalle, the students were exposed to a diverse range of artistic expressions. They also had the experience of exploring the elegant ‘Family of Man’ sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, before sketching their own ideas for an addition to this group. Additionally, they were introduced to a thought-provoking piece by Ai Weiwei ‘Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads’, prompting discussions about art’s ability to change the way society thinks about important issues. 

Following lunch, the pupils embarked on the second phase of their artistic adventure. Each group of three was assigned the name of a sculpture that had once been displayed in the park. Armed with this inspiration, they were set loose in a well-stocked yard brimming with an assortment of intriguing objects and materials. 

The young artists experimented, collaborated, and honed their ideas while working with the materials, allowing their imaginations to take flight. Once the sculptures were completed, we had our very own ‘S.Anselm’s Sculpture Park’! We toured our sculpture park, moving from one artwork to another. Each group shared the titles of their pieces and offered insights into the ideas and narratives that had inspired their creations. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and curiosity as the students absorbed the stories behind each sculpture. It was a testament to their dedication and thoughtful engagement that they could eloquently explain the ideas and concepts behind their outcomes. 

At the end of the day, Sarah, the artist and sculptor who had skillfully guided the students, expressed her admiration for their outstanding performance. She commended their responsiveness and engagement as they had risen to the challenge of tasks typically reserved for older groups. It was fantastic to work in a conceptual open-ended and physical way, with large-scale materials -which sometimes required teamwork even to carry! It will be great to explore sculpture in the art room back at school -as it is such an exciting way to work -and to express ideas. 


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