Year 7 and 8 pupils had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of dentistry through an engaging presentation by Dr Catarina Ferreira.

Dr Ferreira shared her personal journey, starting from her university training in Lisbon to her current role as a practising dentist in Matlock. The students were captivated as she unravelled the patient’s treatment journey, showcasing her specialisations in orthodontics and discussing cutting-edge innovations such as Invisalign and aesthetic treatments. Alongside the clinical aspects, Dr Ferreira emphasized the importance of oral hygiene and also shed light on the various facets of being a dentist, including work-life balance and the business side of running a practice.


The Journey from Lisbon to Matlock

Dr Ferreira commenced her presentation by recounting her educational background, specifically her training at a university in Lisbon. She shared how her passion for dentistry motivated her to pursue further studies and gain expertise in her field. Eventually, she found herself practising dentistry in the picturesque town of Matlock, where she continues to make a positive impact on her patients’ lives.


Understanding the Patient’s Treatment Journey

One of the highlights of Dr Ferreira’s presentation was her detailed explanation of the patient’s treatment journey. She walked the students through the entire process, starting from the initial appointment and continuing through the treatment program. The pupils gained insights into what they could expect before, during, and after treatment. Dr Ferreira utilised case studies, incorporating photographs and X-ray imagery to illustrate real-life examples and showcase the transformative power of orthodontics.


Orthodontics and Innovations in Dentistry

As an expert in orthodontics, Dr Catarina Ferreira highlighted her specialisation and the advancements in the field. She introduced the students to Invisalign, a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces that offers a virtually invisible teeth-straightening solution. Furthermore, she discussed various aesthetic treatments available in dentistry, shedding light on the potential results that could be achieved through these innovative approaches.


Emphasizing Oral Hygiene

In addition to the technical aspects of dentistry, Dr Ferreira emphasized the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene. She reminded the students about the significance of brushing their teeth carefully and regularly, as well as the benefits of flossing. By promoting good oral hygiene practices, she aimed to instil a sense of responsibility and empower the pupils to take charge of their dental health.


Exploring the Life of a Dentist

Dr Ferreira not only shared her passion for dentistry but also discussed the various aspects of being a dentist. She explored the positive aspects of the profession, highlighting the satisfaction derived from helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. Moreover, she addressed the stress points commonly experienced by dentists and emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The students gained valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of a career in dentistry.


Understanding the Business Side

In addition to the clinical aspects, Dr Ferreira briefly touched upon the business side of running a dental practice. She shared insights into the administrative and managerial responsibilities involved in managing a successful dental clinic. By providing this perspective, she expanded the students’ understanding of the dental profession beyond patient care.


Engaging the Curiosity of the Students

Throughout the presentation, the pupils displayed genuine interest and curiosity. They actively participated by asking numerous questions about Dr. Ferreira’s profession, her educational background, and even inquired about their own dental concerns. The interactive session fostered a positive learning environment and provided the students.


Thank you, Dr Ferreira for coming in to give this inspiring careers talk and to Mrs Whawell for organising the event.