Year 4 channeled their inner Picasso to create Cubist faces which were inspired by an emotion and how we all connect different colours to certain feelings.  The creative process linked in perfectly with our focus on Children’s Mental Health Week and #FeelGoodFriday theme of ‘Express Yourself’!

After spending time working on their self portrait skills this term, Year 4 turned to studying the work of Picasso and the Cubist art movement.  They discussed what makes a good cubist portrait; elements such as placement of facial features, bold lines, fragmented shapes but also the choice of colour and how different colours in a picture can change your mood and how you see something.  Picasso’s ‘blue period’ and ‘red period’ were also discussed, with the children exploring how he expressed emotion through his use of colours.

Pupils were then given different tasks to familiarise themselves with working in an abstract way, such as ‘Miss Pink’s Roll a Picasso’ and developing a colour theory page showing how they individually link colours with emotions.

Only after this, did the children embark upon their own Cubist portraits, drawing on the emotions they had identified in their lesson and the colours that came to mind when thinking of that emotion. 

We hope you will agree, the results are both dramatic and fascinating!

Over the next few weeks, the children will be creating 3D versions of their portraits, deploying whatever media has the greatest personal creative appeal.  We might see Lego, clay, recycled or natural materials, cake, fabric or even face paint and photography.

… so watch this space to discover the outcomes!