Last term in their Art classes, Year 7 were asked to think about who their ‘Role Model’ would be.  They could chose a famous person, someone they know personally, or it could be a general job role that they admire or aspire to.  They chose their idea and developed a concept and image based on this, thinking about the composition and background.  The people chosen ranged from nurses to a pupil’s Grandad and a friend who has had an operation.  Other choices were sports people, a soldier, a scientist, singers and racing car drivers!

A challenge came when they found they could only use black, red and the white to create their designs.  They studied German Expressionist woodblock prints to see how their portraits had been simplified and stylised.  The Expressionists’ works were typically characterised by exaggerations of features, gestures and expressions, along with formal distortions and an emphasis on the physical attributes of a specific medium that provoked an emotional response.

After these discoveries, the children then went onto create Lino prints of their chosen ‘Role Model’.  They first carved out everything they wanted to keep white, then printed with red, and carved out everything they wished to keep red then and printed in black.

They have achieved super outcomes whilst discovering a new technique.  Well done Year 7!


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