Extras & Clubs

The variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities at S. Anselm’s adds an enriching dimension to school life.  From chess to fine art, children are eager to immerse themselves in the range of experiences open to them.

After school clubs for junior pupils in the Prep School run until 6.15pm (or 5.15pm on Wednesdays).  Senior pupils stay for prep and supper before starting their clubs, which typically finish at 8.00pm.  A choice of three of four different clubs is available each night of the week, and club selection changes termly to reflect seasonal opportunities.  Clubs are optional but are extremely popular, and children sign up at the start of each term, making a termly commitment.

A timetable of clubs for the current term is available in the parents’ area of our website.  Parents are asked to consult this to ensure they are familiar with pick up times for the clubs their children have selected.  Some families also opt to use the flexi boarding option for the nights their children are staying for clubs.

Further clubs and enrichment activities take place during lunchtimes and break times.


A sample of clubs include:

  • Carnegie Book Club (Years 6 and 7)
  • Chess (Prep School)
  • Cookery (Prep School)
  • Cricket Nets (Prep School & College)
  • Den Building, Exploring & Team Pursuits (Prep School)
  • Drama (Prep)
  • Duke of Edinburgh (College)
  • Fine Arts (Prep School)
  • Football Club (Prep School)
  • Garden Gnomes (Pre-Prep)
  • Gymnastics (Prep School)
  • Indoor Climbing (Prep School)
  • Innovation (Prep School)
  • International Club (Prep School)
  • Jugalubs Circus Skills
  • Advanced Hockey Training (Prep School & College)
  • LEGO Robotics (Pre-Prep)
  • Pottery Club (Pre-Prep and Prep School)
  • Rock Band (Prep School)
  • School Newspaper (Prep School)
  • Self Defence (Prep School)
  • STEM Club – High Altitude Ballooning (College)
  • Swim Squad (Prep School & College)
  • Textiles (Prep School)
  • Ukulele Club (Prep School)


S. Anselm's puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do