The final Junior Forms Assembly of the Michaelmas Term began with Pitts House Captains, Amber and Max, giving a presentation about Pitts Festive Fair Stall on Monday.  Max explained the importance of the charity Pitts are raising money for and Amber demonstrated how people can view some of the items before visiting the stall, on the Pitts website.

The pupils and staff in the Junior Forms were then treated to an inspiring presentation by class 4E, which encouraged everyone to ‘never give up!’  The children read confidently and clearly, sharing some of their own experiences of when they had persevered in order to achieve a goal.

Miss Flack was delighted to hand out so may fabulous awards.  Two pupils achieved their Silver Reading Awards and the results of this term’s Writing Competition were also announced.  Year 3 were awarded their beautiful English Speaking Board (ESB) certificates after receiving such outstanding results!

Finally, Pitts were applauded as the week’s winning House, having collected the most house points.