The boys kick started the football season with their first round of House matches on Wednesday.
The pitches on top field have been transformed from cricket to football by our wonderful grounds team and our boys were in their house tops ready for a fun and energetic afternoon!
A huge thank you from the Sports Department to all the boys for a great afternoon.

The results:


Years 5 & 6 

Wellingtons v Pitts  4-0

Churchills v Nelsons  2-0

Churchills v Pitts  1-1

Wellingtons v Nelsons  3-0

Pitts v Nelsons  1-1

Wellingtons v Churchills  2-1


Years 7 & 8

Pitts v Nelsons  0-5

Wellingtons v Churchills  0-5

Churchills v Pitts  6-0

Nelsons v Wellingtons  4-0

Churchills v Nelsons  1-0

Pitts v Nelsons  1-1