5W gave a moving performance to conclude our Junior Assemblies for this year, about giving our beloved animals that share our planet a ‘second chance’.  Each pupil chose an animal to research and talk about, and the choices ranged from domestic pets to wild creatures – both vertebrate and invertebrate.

Eric focused on bees and the concerning fact the bee population is declining and the effect this would have on us as human beings and the earth.  William chose the pangolin and explained how this beautiful animal really deserves as second chance to survive, and for this to happen, we really must educated people in the Far East who kill the animal for the mythical properties of its scales.  Eddie looked at the shark and the cruelty of killing sharks for shark fin soup as well as the dangers of overfishing which are causing sharks to become caught up in fishing nets, whilst Sammie focused on the wolverine and how trophy hunting needs to stop.

From polar bears to the abandoned animals in our local cats and dogs protection shelters, the message to everyone was loud and clear – that humankind needs to act now to give our animals a second chance.

We have really enjoyed sharing our Thursday mornings together, watching the different Form’s present, preform and share in each other’s successes.

Thank you to the wonderful children and their Form Tutors for making time together in Assemblies so special!