We have just passed Newfoundland and are heading to make landfall in New Brunswick, with less that 1,000 km to go to our final destination!

From the helm, it feels like an epic adventure is being undertaken and it has been wonderful to see all the pictures of the children clocking up their miles/kilometres on foot, by bike or rower.  The most popular activity among Anselmians is walking/running, with cycling not far behind.  It has been amazing to see how far we have cumulatively traveled.  With less than a 1000 km to go now, lets have a huge push and see how much longer it will take us!

Well done everyone!


The Leaderboard with totals, so far:


Prep School Houses

  Total KM
1st Nelsons 629
2nd Pitts 624
3rd Churchills 602
4th Wellingtons 585

College Houses

  Total Km
1st Earhart 85.9
2nd Curie 55.19
3rd Pankhurst 43.2

Pupil totals

Runners/Walkers Total KM
1st Bea N 116
2nd Elsa S 113
3rd Nell S 87
Cyclists Total KM
1st Oliver G 69
2nd Theo T 63
3rd Alec F 39


Staff totals

Runners/Walkers Total KM
1st Mrs Brailich 110
2nd Mr Reeves 82
3rd Miss Lee 65
Cyclists Total KM
1st Mr Simpson 309
2nd Miss Lee 290
3rd Mr Percival 48