Heads up for Tom in wildlife fundraising


Budding wildlife enthusiast, Tom Scott in Year 5, is just one of our pupils who are using their heads in very imaginative ways in their quest to raise funds to help keep wild animals living in their natural habitat.

Tom is boldly cutting his hair off in May to raise money as part of an Out Of Africa event being organised with the Born Free Foundation to help rescue animals and return them to Africa.

An aspiring palaeontologist, Tom has always been passionate about rescuing and helping wild animals and helping them stay wild. He is particularly concerned about the prospect of animals like lions, rhinos and elephants facing extinction in his lifetime. He will be having his hair cut by Mrs Donnelly in front of the whole school on Friday, 3rd May.

Alongside pupils from across the school, he will also be taking part in the 24 hour auction on Friday 21st June to try to break the World Record for the longest ever auction and raise even more money for this important charity.

Well done Tom, everyone at S. Anselm’s is extremely proud of you!