Tour Report by Mr Simpson & Mr Percival


Last week pupils from Years 6 to 8 travelled to Hereford for our mini tour that combined some of the best parts of Anselmian life: music and sport!

We set off in convoy with Mrs Brailich leading the way and her pupils singing so loudly that we could hear them all the way from the back. It was a long journey to Hereford from Bakewell and with Mr Simpson being a bit of a city boy he was amazed that we travelled on not one motorway or dual carriageway all the way there! Mr Percival had planned a quick pit stop at Battlefield services and there we met for coffee, sweets and to stretch our legs!

We continued on to Dunfield House and arrived after a few pit stops en route, through all the sweets and drinks consumed at the services, to a hot meal freshly made. Paul welcomed us like an extended family and after dinner we came to realise that the accommodation was perfect for our trip. Giant dorms for the boys that were inconnecting and perfect for games of Marco Polo. The girls accommodation was a little more civilised, but huge rooms with stunning views of Hergest Ridge that was famous for its Victorian racecourse, a Mike Oldfield album and for beign part of Offa’s Dyke.

We woke up to a hearty full English breakfast and we were on our way to Hereford for our matches. The boys were playing at Hereford Sports Village and the girls at Hereford Cathedral school. The boys played in two matches, over three thirds. The First VII played dominantly throughout their match and won 7-0. The Second team played very well and despite conceding first, they were eventual winners after scoring three great goals.


The girls’ played some very competitive netball matches. The U13 drew 16-16, U12 A won 21-9 and U12 B lost 7-16. The girls played brilliantly and represented the school with merit!


After our sports matches we went to walk around Hereford and had a wonderful tour of the Cathedral. The pupils were given official guides, but that didn’t stop Messrs Simpson and Hearne who were wearing their history hats and from recalling stories of Saints and Knights of the Realm. Sadly we didn’t have time for the Mappa di Mundi or the Chained Library, but perhaps that’s one for next time?

After an hour and a half rehearsal with S. Anselm’s Chapel Choir joined by the upper voices from Hereford College Musica Academia led by Jon Weller and Mark Percival a sublime and eclectic Evensong service ensued. This included three double chant Psalms,Magnificat sung in Latin composed by S. Anselm’s very own pianist and organist – Andrew Marples, plus Burgon Nunc Dimittis and Archer Responses. S. Anselm’s parents, staff and all members of the tour were joined by the public to watch this wonderful and unforgettable service.

The following morning we woke up to another wonderful breakfast, we then packed our bags and  said our goodbyes to Paul at Dunfield House. We then convoyed our way to Shrewsbury School. We met our hosts at their cricket school for a snack and a drink before we set off to the boat house for Rowing. We were given a tour of the boat house, introduction to rowing in their tank and had a some training and races in their state of the art gym.

We were then treated to a marvellous lunch and many discovered what the term ‘bang bang’ means before chicken. After many cups of milk and water to cool ourselves down we set off to their Fives courts. Shrewsbury play Eton Fives as all 14 courts have a Buttress and they also have a Master who has won the British title 8 years in a row or as Mr Simpson called him the ‘Fives God’. Mr Cooley describes himself as the Ronaldo of the Fives world, but without the Fame or money.