This week, our College History Society was delighted to welcome our very own Mr Asher who delivered a lively presentation on the Battle of Britain.  As a retired officer and a keen historian with a wealth of knowledge on this pivotal battle, it was no surprise that his talk was one of the best the society had experienced.
Mr Asher presented a range of sources, videos, interviews and artifacts to ignite the pupils’ interest in what was described by Churchill as Britain’s “finest hour”.  However, he exploded the myth that so much was owed to “so few” when he explained how vast numbers of personnel, technicians, scientist and engineers were involved in a victory that required pilots from around the world.  By the end of the talk the, our students really gained a sense of the grit and determination of the people of Britain as well as the innovation and skill behind the success.
The opportunity to see and touch artifacts and to listen to the testimonies of pilots was very special indeed.
We are extremely grateful to Mr Asher whose carefully planned talk was very well received.