S. Anselm's Horticultural Show 2021

The inaugural

S. Anselm’s Horticultural Show will take place on

Thursday 1st July 2021

Show opens to children, parents and grandparents at 1.00pm

There will be 36 exciting show categories for pupils to enter, from garden produce and flowers to conserves, lego to needlework, miniature well dressing to baking and photography to collage.  Now is the time to plan entries to ensure seeds are planted in good time, creative designs can be nurtured and skills honed to perfection.

All pupils are invited to enter the competition in as many classes as they choose.  For each competition class, be sure to select your best produce or item as only one entry per pupil can be allowed in each class.  All entries must be home grown or hand made by the pupil entering.
It is important to remember that you don’t need a large garden to grow fruit or vegetables.  They can be grown very successfully in plant pots or on window ledges, although if you can get outside to be among nature and enjoy some fresh air, it is a perfect excuse to do so.  Remember to try to use recycled containers and labels wherever you can!
We also hope to be able to welcome parents and families to join us and enjoy the day!

Competition Classes

Home grown fruit and vegetables

3 beetroot with tops

5 baby carrots with tops

5 spring onions

3 radishes with tops

3 juicy strawberries with a leaf

6 pods of peas

3 new potatoes

3 sticks of rhubarb (leaves trimmed to 3″)

8 gooseberries (identical size)

Home grown flowers and produce

3 hen or duck eggs (identical size and colour)

Vase of cut flowers & foliage (home grown)

Small vase of sweet peas (any variety)

Small vase of freshly cut herbs

Most beautiful rose (single stem)

 Most perfect peony (single stem)

Most spherical allium (single stem)

Most exquisite hydrangea flowerhead

Fresh from the kitchen

Lemon Drizzle Cake (plate with 5 pieces)

Plate of 5 flapjacks

Plate of 5 biscuits

Homemade bread (any type, shape or design)

Jar of homemade jam (any flavour)

Jar of homemade chutney (any flavour)

Creative skills

Garden on a plate (12″ plate)

Miniature Well Dressing in clay (5″ square)

Animal Magic (animal can be made from bought fruit, veg, flowers – cocktail sticks also allowed)

Homemade scarecrow

A piece of needlework (up to 10 years old)

A piece of needlework (11-16 years old)

Decorative cushion (max 2ft)

A collage made from any natural materials (on A4 card – up to 7 years old inclusive)

A collage made from any natural materials (on A4 card – 8-16 years old)

A Lego model (2 ft max designed and titled by exhibitor – up to 7 years old inclusive)

A Lego model (2 ft max designed and titled by exhibitor – 8-16 years old)

A photograph of a Derbyshire scene taken by the exhibitor (up to 16 years inclusive)

A painting of a pet/animal (up to 16 years inclusive)

How to enter

First, decide which classes you would like to enter to allow time to get planting or work on your recipes or designs!


Download an entry form here and submit it to Form Tutors or the School Office no later than 5.00pm on Thursday 24th June.  To assist us in organising the logistics of the day, however, we would greatly appreciate it if you could submit your entry forms to the school office as soon as possible after half term.


Don’t forget to keep a copy/note of the classes you have entered before submitting your form.
Entries should be brought (complete/finished), on the day of the Show, to the drop off or display points as signposted, between 8.30am and 9.30am.  Paper plates will be available on which to display fruit, vegetables and eggs.  Entries may then be collected at the end on the Show, after judging and recording has taken place.


We look forward to being able to welcome parents and grandparents from 1.00pm on the day of the Show, subject to any restrictions or guidelines that may be announced as we move into Step 4 of lockdown easing,

Entry Forms

Click here to download an Entry Form

You can also pick up an Entry Form from the House Notice Boards are in the school foyer.

Deadline for entries

All entries must be submitted to the school office by

5.00pm on
Thursday 24th June 2021

Click here to see earlier Tip Sheets.

Click here to see earlier Tip Sheets.