This year’s swimming galas took place throughout the day on Friday 11th February, with four galas; the first being for the Pre-Prep (Reception, Years 1 and 2), then the Junior Prep (Years 3 and 4), followed by the Middle Prep (Years 5 and 6) and culminating with the Senior Prep (Years 7 and 8).   Approximately 150 pupils competed across the four galas and between them swam a total of 72 events, including individual events, medley and inter-house freestyle relays.

Pre-Prep was the first to start and it was super to see the progress of these children, who all clearly enjoyed participating in what was for the majority of them their first ever gala, well done!

The Junior Prep pupils swam professionally for their Houses and relished the opportunity to swim in front of the rest of their House, giving them all plenty to cheer and clap about, well done to Years 3 and 4!

The Middles did extremely well to plough through 23 events in just under an hour, particularly as many of them were 40m races. We were kept on the edge of our seats, with several of the races and relays being very closely contested.

At the end of the day, it was the turn of the Year 7 and 8 pupils, with 30 events and the majority of these races also being over two lengths; but the seniors were on form.  Combined with Mrs Seddon’s slick marshalling; Mr Simpson, Mr Critchlow’s timing / place judging and Miss Pink’s quick scribbling of times and results; along with Mrs B’s prompt race starting, we were able to keep each of the galas bang on schedule and finish in time for the start of half term!

A huge well done to all of our fabulous swimmers; and particular thanks to the staff, who all helped the galas go so swimmingly!


The full results for each gala, including the names and times of the fastest boys and girls for each stroke are listed below:

Pre-Prep Gala:

Overall Results – 1st Wellingtons, 52 points; 2nd = Churchills & Pitts, 42 points; 4th Nelsons, 26 points.

Junior Prep Gala:

Boys 20m Front Crawl – Lawrence Oldershaw, Pitts, 17.52

Girls 20m Front Crawl – Rita Cerejo, Wellingtons, 15.01

Boys 20m Back Crawl – Lawrence Oldershaw, Pitts, 20.52

Girls 20m Back Crawl – Pearl Carter, Pitts, 22.02

Boys 20m Breast Stroke – Horatio Tingley, Churchills, 26.02

Girls 20m Breast Stroke – Alice Pearson, Pitts, 25.02

Inter-House Freestyle Relay – Pitts

Overall Results – 1st Pitts (Winners of the Stuart Cup), 126 points; 2nd Wellingtons, 108 points; 3rd Churchills, 94 points; 4th Nelsons, 48 points.

Middle Prep Gala:

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Toby Longden, Nelsons, 31.10

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Elspeth Dumphy-Wraith, Pitts, 30.16

Boys 20m Butterfly – Monty Newton, Wellingtons, 20.98

Girls 20m Butterfly – Elspeth Dumphy-Wraith, Pitts, 17.82

Boys 40m Back Crawl – Harry Newton, Wellingtons, 42.18

Girls 40m Back Crawl – Elizabeth Pearson, Pitts, 41.48

Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Stanley Drury, Pitts, 40.82

Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Elsa Schaper, Pitts, 43.82

Inter-House Freestyle Relay – Churchills

Overall Results – 1st Pitts (Winners of Neary Cup), 156 points; 2nd Churchills, 136 points; 3rd Wellingtons, 112 points, 4th Nelsons, 107 points

Senior Prep Gala:

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Ben Walker, Churchills, 25.04

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Isabella Mayson, Churchills, 27.08

Boys 20m Butterfly – Ben Walker, Churchills, 13.44

Girls 20m Butterfly – Holly Kilner, Churchills, 14.48

Boys 40m Back Crawl – Bruno Formela, Churchills, 32.08

Girls 40m Back Crawl – Ruby Brailich, Churchills, 33.01

Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Charles Johnstone, Churchills, 35.50

Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Isabella Mayson, Churchills, 35.55

Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Alexander Cup – Churchills

Overall results – 1st Churchills Winners of Elite Fitness Cup – 258 points; 2nd Wellingtons, 158 points; 3rd Pitts, 136 points; 4th Nelsons, 102 points

Combined Totals From All Four Galas:

1ST – CHURCHILLS, 530 points – Winners of Anderson Swimming Cup

2ND – PITTS, 460 points

3RD – WELLINGTONS, 430 points

4TH – NELSONS, 283 points