Who’s Who in our Houses 2023-24

S. Anselm’s has a long established House tradition which is at the heart of achieving our school aims and ethos.  Our Prep School Houses were established in 1947, each with its own colours, crest and flag, and feature strongly throughout day to day school life.


Scroll down to find out who our current House Captains are and which members of staff are in charge in each House.


House Captains

Lucy B

Andrew F

Lead Teacher

Mrs Brailich


House Captains

Grace N

Morris M

Lead Teacher

Mr Ravenhill


House Captains

Elspeth D-W

Stanley D

Lead Teacher

Mrs Buswell


House Captains

Amber R G


Lead Teacher

Mrs Baynes

The school reviews Fees annually but they are subject to change at a term’s notice.