Set on learning a little more about the Victorians, Year 5 embarked on a rather wet trip to Blists Hill in Ironbridge last week.

On our arrival we were whisked into the changing rooms where we were all transformed into Victorian children wearing smocked dresses, bonnets, jackets, ties and caps. The school mistress, Ma’am, was very strict and kept our rabble in order! The school bell rang and we walked into the classroom in silence. After registration our hands and nails were checked for cleanliness and lessons began. Firstly, the children read aloud from the same book followed by chanting vowels a, e, i, o ,u. The 4 times tables were learnt by rote and then the study of the day was on the apple which we drew and labelled on slates. Certain children misbehaved and were reprimanded, Bruno got the cane for messy work, Ruby was put in the corner for poor handwriting and our three left handers were publically humiliated for being misfits. It was a wonderful experience and the closest we’ll ever get to walking in the shoes of a Victorian child. The afternoon was spent wandering around the village visiting shops and work places, such as the bakery, chemist, sweet shop, candle makers and spending our Victorian money.

There was so much more we could have seen but we ran out of time and had to return to 2018!