The Inter-House Swimming Gala took place recently, with pupils from different houses competing in a range of swimming events. Approximately 120 pupils competed in the four galas and between them swam a total of 60 events, including individual events, medley and inter-house freestyle relays.

The event was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their skills in the pool and compete against each other in a friendly and supportive environment. It was also an opportunity for the students to develop their team spirit and sense of community, as they cheered each other on and celebrated their victories together.

The Pre-Prep section of the gala saw some fierce competition as the young swimmers from the different houses battled it out in the pool. However, the Churchills emerged victorious in this section of the event, highlighting their swimming prowess and determination.

Overall Results  of the Pre-Prep Gala

1st Churchills with 76 points

2nd Wellingtons with 70 points

3rd Pitts with 40 points

4th Nelsons with 38 points

Junior Gala

The juniors’ category saw the students from the Pitts house take the lead. They swam with great skill and determination, outpacing the competition to secure a win in their category. The fastest swimmers were:

Boys 20m Front Crawl – Lewis C, Pitts, 16.1

Girls 20m Front Crawl – Nancy DW, Pitts, 12.8

Boys 20m Back Crawl – Jonathan B, Wellingtons, 21.2

Girls 20m Back Crawl – Nancy DW, Pitts, 15.9

Boys 20m Breast Stroke – Silas J, Pitts, 20.9

Girls 20m Breast Stroke – Harriet D, Wellingtons, 20.5

Inter-House Freestyle Relay – Pitts

Overall Results Junior Gala – 1st Pitts (Winners of the Stuart Cup), 124 points; 2nd Wellingtons, 90 points; 3rd Churchills, 78 points; 4th Nelsons, 40 points.

Middles Gala

Moving on to the Middles category, the competition became even more intense. The Churchills and Pitts houses were neck and neck, with each swimmer giving it their all. However, it was Churchills, who eventually came out on top, earning a well-deserved victory in this category. The fastest swimmers were:

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Edward G, Churchills, 30.6

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Alice P, Pitts, 31.1

Boys 20m Butterfly – Caleb KL, Wellingtons, 18.9

Girls 20m Butterfly – Alice P, Pitts, 16.8

Boys 40m Back Crawl – Lawrence O, Pitts, 42.9

Girls 40m Back Crawl – Nancy B, Churchills, 37.6

Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Caleb KL, Wellingtons, 42.6

Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Rita C, Wellingtons, 37.6

Woggle Relay – Churchills

Medley Relay – Churchills

Inter-House Freestyle Relay – Churchills

Overall Results – 1st Churchills (Winners of Neary Cup), 132 points; 2nd Wellingtons, 120 points; 3rd Pitts, 104 points, 4th Nelsons, 84 points

Seniors Gala

The seniors’ section of the event was no less exciting, with each swimmer displaying their skills in the water. The Churchills emerged as the clear winners in this category, dominating the competition with their impressive swimming abilities.

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Oscar C, Pitts, 25.4

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Elspeth DW, Pitts, 26.4

Boys 20m Butterfly – Oscar C, Pitts, 13.8

Girls 20m Butterfly – Elspeth DW, Pitts, 14.02

Boys 40m Back Crawl – Edgar T, Churchills, 36.5

Girls 40m Back Crawl – Cebe HB, Churchills, 40.5

Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Oscar C, Pitts, 32.7

Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Cebe HB, Churchills, 40.9

Front Crawl Relay – Churchills

Medley Relay – Churchills

Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Alexander Cup – Churchills

Overall results – 1st Churchills, Winners of Elite Fitness Cup – 186 points; 2nd Pitts, 140 points; 3rd Nelsons, 110 points; 4th Wellingtons, 80 points

Overall, it was the Churchills who emerged as the clear champions of the event, having secured victories in the pre-prep, middles and senior categories. Their collective efforts and dedication to the sport paid off, as they emerged as the winners of the Inter-House Swimming Gala.


Combined Totals From All Four Galas:

1ST – CHURCHILLS with 472 points – Winners of the Anderson Swimming Cup

2ND – PITTS with 408 points

3RD – WELLINGTONS with 360 points

4TH – NELSONS with 272 points

The Inter-House Swimming Gala was a great success and a testament to the students’ commitment to the sport. It demonstrated the importance of physical activity and teamwork in building a strong and supportive community. Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated in the event, and a special shout-out to the Churchills for their outstanding performance and a well-deserved victory!