On Tuesday 6th October, our Year 6 pupils journeyed to Leicestershire and the award-winning Bosworth Heritage Centre, to gain a deeper understanding of the famous battle that took place there and how the Tudor dynasty began.

The day started with an exciting tour of the battlefield which involved a re-enactment of some of the different formations of the opposing armies, as well as much flag waiving and chanting.  There was then time to visit the fascinating Heritage Centre Museum with the visit culminating in a talk and demonstration on the weapons used in the battle, from ‘John the Archer’.

These are some of the children’s thoughts at the end of their day:

“My favourite part of the trip was during the third activity when we held the polearms.  We learnt different formations and lined up against each other. It was fun shouting the chants of each army at each other.”

“I really enjoyed watching John the Archer fire the longbow and crossbow. He was aiming at a thin stick and was able to hit it a couple of times.”

“The most enjoyable activity was the battle re-enactment while on the battlefield walk. We got to hold the flags of the King Richard’s army and of Henry Tudor’s army. We lined up our armies formation and then moved through the battle how it was fought.”