It was wonderful to welcome Canon Tony ‘in person’ to Junior Assembly on Thursday.  The children beamed as they saw him and listened attentively as they were taught some valuable lessons about Jesus’ disciples and the importance of friendship.

Caleb then concluded the assembly by playing a challenging cornet piece called the ‘Puppet’s Song’, approaching Grade 1 standard.  Caleb has weekly lessons with high brass specialist teacher Cat Johnston in school and attends our weekly Friday lunchtime brass group.  He was very brave in undertaking some very high notes and even performed the piece twice, once on his own and once with Mr Percival.  Well done Caleb!

Over the course of the week, Canon Tony has been able to join us for Junior Prep, Senior Prep and College ‘bubble’ Assemblies.

He talked about the many trials and challenges of the Covid pandemic – praising the children for their resilience – and shared important messages about relationships, especially with family and friends, and how these help us through difficult times.

Canon Tony is our school ‘independent listener’ and the assemblies offered valuable opportunity for reflection together.