On Wednesday 8th September, Kinder set off to Edale to start their College induction programme. After lesson in the morning, we arrived at The Gathering in glorious sunshine. Students had use of the Lodge bedrooms and the glamorous safari tents and everyone took time to get themselves settled before heading out for some competitive blackberry picking. Having braved bramble thickets, midges and paddling through the river to find the best crops, we arrived back to camp to begin preparing supper. The fruit was used to create dessert, with Amber H and Emma H being as creative as possible with the ingredients at hand. Mr Mortimer lit up the barbecues, supported by Omar Z and Arthur W. After a filling supper, Kinder bonded by playing some group games together for the last hour before bed time.

We woke bright and early the next day, enjoyed a hearty breakfast and prepared our packed lunches. It promised to be a tiring but enjoyable day, so everyone needed to keep their energy levels high. We met Shane, the Underkeeper, who would be our walking guide for the day. We spent the next five hours scrambling up Grindsbrook and walking along the tops as Shane passed on information about local history, the flora and fauna and points of interest. We stopped for some well-deserved lunch just as the heavens opened. After a soggy sandwich, we concluded our walk and met Geoff, the Gamekeeper, who told a few local anecdotes to conclude the day.

Kinder then had the challenge to use their notes and pictures to produce a presentation for their parents on Friday evening. It was lovely to welcome so many families into school and Kinder did a fantastic job with organising themselves and publically speaking.

Mr Mortimor, Head of College, Said: “Kinder were an absolute pleasure to take on the Edale trip and I am sure that they will be a fantastic year group going through the College.” Special thanks go to Mr and Mrs Noel for their generosity and allowing us to stay at The Gathering.