Activity Roundup

Feel Good Fridays! 

To ensure we all take care of our well-being during these unusual times, we have introduced weekly Feel Good Friday themes for children (and staff!) to participate in. These have included silly hats, bring your pet to registration and dress in your favourite sports kit to name but a few! We shall continue with our themes up until the Summer holiday and post photos on both the Parent Portal ‘Happiness Wall’ and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Excellent Art


It has been a real pleasure to see the responses pupils have sent in for their online Art projects. There is much evidence of talent, imagination and effort. To share the enjoyment of seeing this artwork, several pupils have had their work shared with the wider community. Some Year 8 responses to their project ‘Finding a View’ and ‘Stained-Glass Window, with the message of Hope’
will be included in the next newsletter of Bakewell’s Age UK organisation. We also have a variety of images created by pupils which will be going on display at the Northern General Hospital and there are some beautiful pictures by our pupils which can be seen in the online ISA ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Freedom Art’ galleries. A huge well done to all the pupils for their hard work.
CLICK HERE to view the ISA galleries. Below is a selection of the other projects:


Virtual Sports Day


So what do we do on Sports Day when we have no children in school? We hold a virtual event!

Our Sports Day was scheduled for the first week back after half term, but with the current situation we knew this would not be possible; so as not to disappoint our pupils, the PE Department came up with an alternative; VSD (Virtual Sports Day!). You can read all about the event in our news story HERE


College Coders


College students have been busy Coding in JavaScript. Our students have had to write about 50 lines of code and they have learnt to not only create images, but to animate them too!


Red Cabbage Experiments!


In Science, Year 6 have had an exciting term studying Acids and Alkalis. One of the most engaging lessons involved a home experiment, creating a pH indicator from red cabbage and using it to test various household substances. Naturally pupils experienced varying amounts of success with the results of their experiments, but everyone had a fantastic time completing their practicals, whilst working scientifically to ensure their methods and results were as accurate as possible. From this pupils have been able to identify the main properties of Acids and Alkalis and understand how to identify a solution based on its pH level. Below are pictures showing before and after and experiment. 


Summer Concert


Lockdown or not, the show must go on and on Friday, 22 May, S. Anselm’s School pupils found an innovative way of showcasing their talent by way of a virtual Summer Concert. Our talented pupils raised the roof, pushed the boundaries of technology and delivered a first-class performance.

Over 130 families watched the live streamed event which was achieved using Microsoft Teams as a platform. Rapturous applause could be heard throughout as the interactive audience were even able to clap between performances. Facilitated by the school’s IT Department, the concert was introduced by Head Teacher Frank Thompson and compared by Director of Music, Mark Percival. Read all about it HERE