The Michaelmas Term House Quiz was as hotly contested as ever, with a strong House competitive spirit.  Well done to all the team members for their contribution.

To adhere to our ‘bubbles’, there were three separate quizzes this year:  Junior Forms, Senior Forms and College. 

The results were as follows:

Junior Forms (3-5)

1st place:  Wellies

2nd place:  Pitts

3rd place:  Churchills

4th place:  Nelsons

Senior Forms (6-8)

1st place:  Wellies

2nd place:  Nelsons

3rd place:  Churchills

4th place:  Pitts


1st place:  Teachers! … a guest team requested by students, who may now be regretting their decision!

2nd place:  Earhart

3rd place:  Pankhurst

4th place:  Curie

Congratulations to all the teams and contestants!