On Thursday, everyone was excited to find two poets had arrived at school.  Yes, these were real, live, professional poets who make a living from writing poetry!
Peter Sansom and John Lindley were remarkable and captivated the children, inspiring them to write some thought-provoking poems.  The children learnt a great deal about the life and motivations of a poet, the magic within poetry and how to construct effective poetry without constraints.
This was a great way to celebrate National Poetry Day, helping to stir some creativity and to plant ideas so that the children can craft their S. Anselm’s Poetry Competition entries later this term.  Ample time was allowed so pupils could begin to write their pieces and share their ideas. They were given triggers to inspire them and the time to centre themselves, be mindful and write!
As John Lindley said to our College students, we are all able to be creative and the writing of poetry can be a precious and cathartic process that can help with mental health and be a wonderful outlet for an artistic mind.
Our Junior Forms found their morning with Peter Sansom so inspiring that the children could even been seen continuing their poems throughout break time.  According to Peter, the only rule in poetry is “Don’t stop writing!”
Our thanks to John and Peter for such inspiring sessions, as well as to Miss Flack and Mr Mace for organising the day.
We look forward to judging the S. Anselm’s Poetry Competition at the end of the Michaelmas Term.