We’re pleased to announce that S. Anselm’s has partnered with FMS Schools to introduce a new functional movement initiative.
Of all the challenges that await the next generation, health – specifically obesity – is among the most significant. In order to influence the health and fitness of the general population, change starts with the youngest members of society.
By making movement a priority, we hope to curb the worrying trends in obesity and enhance each child’s potential.

Gareth Simpson, Director of Sport, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with FMS Schools. The platform will provide each individual at S. Anselm’s a personalised pathway in developing their physical and mental well-being.”

The new initiative is designed to benefit all children, this is not about competition with each other, it’s about inclusivity, building confidence, and the skills associated with physical activity.

The FMS Schools is based on three modules:

  1. Movement Play – a video resource for children to learn and develop their functional movement abilities in a fun and simple way
  2. The Bridge – An athletic development programme with 58 levels of progression focusing on movement competency skills.
  3. Screening – In 10 minutes, a child can be assessed using 6 movement tests that challenge balance, mobility, and stability. The tests highlight where any imbalances, asymmetries and limitations are. The system then automatically builds that child a personalised programme based on their priority of remediation.

The reports and any training programmes established will be available to parents upon request.